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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Menil fieldtrip Thursday.

The Menil

Text for Team Names

exclamation point
danny, melissa, ike, jessell, david

haley, sami, jamal, rachel, spencer

no pressure
amanda g, kelsey, zach, jamie, jessi

ashley, amanda j, agnes, mckenzie, theresa

jennifer, morgan, katelyn, jack, jay

island nation
clark, chris, sean, kristen, courtney

liz, amanda p, reece, raquel, bekah

nick, ellen, alexiah, kiara, cheryl

7 panda
jessica g, amber, grady, andres, grace

type specimen sheet

Tuesday, April 6
  1. turn in according book and swatches at beginning of class (be sure blog is up to date)
  2. each team member presents their 40 individual solutions for team name to group
  3. team helps member narrow down to top 8 to refine and present for Thursday (these should be cleaned up and refined, not the same ones presented Tuesday)
  4. bring materials (paper for copier, extra printed out pdf sheets copied at varying sizes and possibly tracing paper if needed) to refine final 8

Thursday, April 8
  1. each team member presents refined 8 team name solutions. 
  2. team narrows down to the top two to be further refined by the member. 
  3. team selects final logo to be refined and used as group brand/name/logo for inflatable project. 
  4. make sketchbook of to 30 designs (from the 48 created); mount logos on black paper and stab bind book (due Tuesday).

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Texture studies

Am looking forward to seeing all 30 of your texture studies on Tuesday as well as your self portrait projects. Be sure to bring materials to create 30 new textures--consider bringing a variety of different surface materials to work with as well as a variety of papers, from tissue to hard and slick, smooth and course. Bring a lot to work with, be prepared to experiment and explore.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some interesting color toys:

side by side color picker

online color vision test

Photoshop-type color picker

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stabbinding your mark making sketches

video example

handouts for binding [1] and [2]

Book should have black cover and twenty of your best marks that show a variety in mark style and tools used to make marks.